Found myself crying…

I found myself crying as I listened to this talk Vaughn Roberts did for the Priscilla and Aquila Centre at Moore Theological College, Sydney.

The initial half is full of things I’ve said before and heard before, so I was thinking, yep, this is all good stuff, if someone needs to hear what I say via the mouth of a male in leadership, I’ll point them here.

Then he began talking about the contribution of single staff members and congregational members and I began to cry. Someone understands! And wants to encourage me to keep going!

Especially of note was that in contrast to some ministries in Australia, Roberts’ church gives single not married women an extra half day off…

Anyways, watch and listen 🙂

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1 Response to Found myself crying…

  1. sarahn says:

    That idea of ‘glue’ is incredibly interesting, I certainly think it’s true, for me, and still even thought I’m non married but coupled.

    Really interesting indeed!


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