schtuff i like

There’s no point just spruiking myself when I can spruik others!

So, here’s a post I loved reading this week, the lovely Alison wrastlin with the theological impact of the history of Christianity. I particularly enjoyed the challenge to an accidental Darwinian perspective on the survival and perishing of different streams of Christianity. As always, history exploring the fascinating questions of how we ended up thinking and experiencing as we do. Yum!

Also loved this blog post by Christian on how to smooth some unnecessary barriers in multi-ethnic churches. Equally applicable to other multi-ethnic, community institutions, of which there are many!

I’m also hungry for these puffy peanut butter & choc chip cookies, and may eventually feel motivated enough to make ’em!

And finally, you should all check out the wonderful work of Sophie Timothy Photography, she’s got a special offer on at the moment for head shots, and I can personally testify to the efficacy of her magical sexy lense.

That is all.

Maybe soon I’ll have some of my own thoughts to share!

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