What’d I miss?

It’s the holidays, and so of course, I’m home alone and in a reflective mood. Particularly at the moment I’m thinking about the moments of 2015 that passed me by. 

Fitbit – this is a thing right? Is it just a pedometer…? Or what? I’m confused, but they’re everywhere. You know you can get a pedometer for $3 at Kmart right? Anyway, it seems like Fitbit (and pedometers in general) could end up involving maths. Ugh. Best left alone. 

Biebs –  Of course there were more Justin Bieber moments in 2015, there have to have been. But as I only recently started listening to commercial radio again, I have mercifully missed most of them. Unfortunately the words, “my mama don’t like you and she likes everyone” are torturously circling through my head rn, but I choose to blame the shopping centre for that one. Other than that, I’m sorry Biebs, you garnered even less of my attention in 2015 than granola. 

Star Wars – a late entry into 2015 in terms of opening date, but not in terms of public consciousness. Notsomuch for me. I know I watched the original trilogy at some point in early life, but I really don’t remember it. I can remember some bits of The Phantom Menace, but mostly cos we got the computer game. I just… Well… Meh. Sorry guys, it’s not that I don’t like Sci Fi (did somebody say Jean Luc hubba-hubba Picard?!) but I just don’t “get” the Star Wars thing. I am however enjoying people saying “pew pew pew” to me. 

Crop tops – of course, I am forbidden by fat-ists from wearing one (and even the fat positive blogs would probably blanch at the public display of my Robin Williams-esque quantity of upper tummy hair (hey, it was apparently quite cold at some point in my genetic heritage!) even if they found my chub acceptable), but yeah, apparently crop tops were/are a thing this year? All I know is, when I wandered into Sportsgirl for the first time in years because I was desperately trying to find black lipstick, a lot of the stuff in the store looked like I’d walked back into highschool (especially circa 10 Things I Hate About You (oh Heath! Why?! Why so young?!)) up to and including white crop tops with long black skirts. Well, idk, welcome back crop tops I spose. Will we get all those little bejewelled butterfly hair clips back too? 

Burgers – ok, so I didn’t really miss burgers, like, I ate some, and not all of them from McDonalds. I even queued in the dark at a food truck (and then several hours later revisited that delicious meal… At least I got to smell it all again) for one (I’m very trendy). But apparently, Sydney at least, went crazy for “American style” burgers, but I didn’t keep up my end of the bargain and I haven’t even been to The Burger Project. Of all the things I’ve missed this year, this will be one I aim to catch up on. 

What a year it’s been. So many highlights. And much to look forward to next time. I might even discover when the anti-griddle became a thing. 

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