How many tags will I use? Christian, female, feminist, punk crafter, Dysthymic, Australian, writer, pastor, sluggard, reader, cat-owner, game geek. I’m interested in everything and talk too much.


Because I’m a follower of Jesus I tend to talk about Him a lot; after all, He’s the best man I’ve ever met. And religion is just so fascinating! On every subject from cake to Coriolanus, there is something to be said.


But alongside speech there is action. I’m an armchair sort of girl, but I’m saved from mere thought by the demands of a vibrant but broken world, and a love affair which draws us all into its grip.


And so, I practise. I need to put the ideas I speak and think of into action. And to succeed in that I need to practise them. And when I’ve practised those practises enough they become habitual, my practise.


That’s why this blog is just a small part of the whole process for me, and I hope it will become an enjoyable and stimulating part of the process for you.

Joanna Hayes 

*NB yes, I am aware that practice and practise used to mean different things, but philologists agree the spelling confused too many Americans and we’re just going with ‘s’ now. 

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